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At Cotswold Endodontics our goal is to provide the highest level of patient care and dentistry in a relaxing and friendly environment. You can rest assured that we will listen to you with respect and respond to your concerns appropriately. We will also inform you of the cost of any proposed treatment in advance.

If your dentist has referred you to us, it is because they feel that you need the special care and attention we can provide. This is nothing to be worried about, it simply means that your dentist wants you to receive a high quality of care, from someone with plenty of expertise and experience in endodontics.

Endodontics or root canal treatment as it is also known, can be very complex. The root canals are tiny and often curved or very narrow, which means specialist equipment, including an endodontic microscope, are needed - these are not often found in general dental practices.

We appreciate that it can be unnerving visiting a new practice for treatment, but please be assured that we will do our best to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable. Once your root canal treatment is complete, you will be able to return to your usual dentist for ongoing care.

Please get in touch if you have any questions of if you would like any further information.